Donny Trương


After thirty years of working in-house for a trade association, Jim Van Meer started his own Thinkpoint Creative, the intersection of design thinking and design doing. He invited me to join the agency as the Web & UI/UX Director. Our first order of business was to work together on our web presence.

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The Team

Thinkpoint is a diverse, hands-on team built of creative directors, strategists, design thinkers, writers, art directors, designers, and UI/UX experts.

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The Work

Thinkpoint helps clients tell their story in a new, insightful way and provide clarity in an all-too-often cacophonous world. Its project ranges from branding and identity to integrated marketing campaigns.

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The Web

My contribution to the team is web design and development. My area of expertise includes user-centered experience, accessibility, usability, and online art direction.

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The Design

Van Meer designed the site using Illustrator and I transformed his vision into responsive pages. The site is built using HTML, CSS, and a dash of PHP. The typefaces are Montserrat, designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, and Aleo, designed by Alessio Laiso and Kevin Conroy.