Donny Trương

GW School of Business

As a senior web developer at George Washington School of Business, my primary focus was redesigning all the department sites. The goal was to create a unified look and a unique feel. I kept the structure of the layout the same, but jazzed up the color schemes for each site.

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For a business school, using a script typeface was a bold move, but we did it. The wordmark was set in P22 Cezanne, designed by James Grieshaber and Michael Want. Based on a faithful rendition of the Paul Cézanne’s handwriting, P22 Cezanne gave us a wordmark that stood out from other business schools, which used more serious sans-serif typefaces. The playfulness of the characters also gave us a human touch in the corporate world. I had a lot of fun using this script font for various applications.

School of Business Wordmark

GW Business

GW Business was a print magazine that published twice a year by the George Washington School of Business. Up until I joined the school, the only alternative version available online was a PDF file.

After I came on board, I decided to offer a web-standards version of the magazine for readability and accessibility. I designed a simple, clean, organized site. The focus was the content.

GW Business Fall 2009 Issue GW Business Spring 2011 Issue GW Business Story Page GW Business Archive Page

Graphic Design

In addition to web design and development, I offered graphic designs, which included digital banners and print marketing materials. Here are a few folder covers I had designed.

GWSB Cover GWSB Career Center Cover GWSB Executive Education Cover GWSB Cover 2