Donny Trương

SLS Network

SLS is a network of Scalia Law sites, powered by WordPress Multisite, I proposed, architected, designed, developed, and maintained.

Scalia Law Sites

When I led the law school digital experience, I recognized the need to provide members of the law school community a web presence. From centers and institutes to faculty members and student organizations to admissions to career services, they needed their website separated from the law school main site they can update and maintain themselves.

Career & Academic Services

As a longtime designer, developer, and user of WordPress, I knew Multisite was the solution. I pitched the concept to my supervisor at the time and received immediate approval. I spun up a Linux server, which resided in the office of Computing Services at the law school. I installed WordPress Multisite, requested the primary domain, architected the URLs, designed the themes, and launched the network in 2017.

Professor David E. Bernstein

I trained developers, content strategists, and directors of communications to create and maintain their own sites. As more sites came on board, we needed to migrate the network to WP Engine to handle the scaling. The Scalia Law networking is hosting over 40 sites. I am super proud of this project.

Center for the Middle East and International Law