Donny Trương

America: The Unknown Country

F.H. Buckley, Foundation Professor at George Mason University Scalia Law School, has written a limited series titled America: The Unknown Country. He needed a simple website to tell the unique history of America.

Responsive screenshots


Since the goal is to provide information including synopsis, historical research, and story setting, the site needs to be clean, simple, accessible, and fast. Typography plays a huge role in the design. Oswald, designed by Vernon Adams, is a sturdy sans-serif typeface with a classic gothic style. Spectral, by Production Type, is a beautiful, readable typeface.


With a modest budget, Buckley could have thrown the site together and put it on Squarespace, but he chose my service instead. The result is that his doesn’t look like one of Squarespace’s thousands of templated designs. These days, I can spot a Squarespace website without even looking at the code.