Donny Trương

I Love Ngọc Lan

I Love Ngọc Lan is a tribute to a beautiful, talented Vietnamese singer whose life was cut short by multiple sclerosis. For 20 years, I continue to design and maintain the website. It’s the longest side project I have ever committed to. What more can I say? I love Ngọc Lan.

Responsive screenshots


With the latest redesign, I wanted to take it back to the original concept, which was clean, simple, and elegant. While maintaining the classic look and feel, the modern design takes on bolder photography, more playful typography, and with more focus on readability.

Wordmark is set in Memoriam, designed by Patrick Griffin. Headlines are set in Waterfall, designed by Robert Leuschke. Body copy is set in Labrada, designed by Mercedes Jáuregui. UI and small texts are set in Plus Jakarta Sans, designed by Gumpita Rahayu.

homepage interior page


I Love Ngoc Lan logo

For the logo, I returned to one of my favorite display typefaces. Memoriam, designed by Patrick Griffin, has elegant curves and swaying rhythms that are a perfect match for Ngọc Lan’s styles. The name of the typeface also fits well with the purpose of this site.

This project is a labor of love and I am proud of it. I will continue to work on it as long as I can.

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