Artwork by Đinh Cường

Đinh Cường

Focusing on the work of art

I had the pleasure of working with Đinh Cường and his children to create a website showcasing his extensive body of works. They wanted a minimal layout to focus on the arts.

Responsive screenshots


Menu page

To create an optimal browsing experience, I took advantage of WordPress’s built-in gallery feature, but stripped the functionality down to its core. The simple design and responsive layout made viewing the artworks on mobile devices fast and pleasant.


When I reached out to Donny to do a Fine Art website, I was thinking about the simple and clean design that he created previously on a few sites linked from

The reason I picked Donny was very simple: through his blog, I have seen a passion in web design from him; and that’s probably what it takes for someone to be good at what he is doing professionally.

Donny did not turn me down. turned out to be a very minimal but effective site. He was very responsive and definitely met his customer’s very detailed requirements.

In this digital age, I personally believe that web design can be achieved as an Art form. Donny is an artist in his realm.

Đinh Chinh, Painter